So mom is not as regular as she was?


Heartburn and Constipation
As we get older, the stomach is unable to make enough stomach acid to fully digest the
foods we eat. This can cause heartburn, indigestion, gas, bloating and constipation.
While antacid medications will reduce the symptoms of heartburn, they also stop
absorption of essential nutrients for energy, mood balancing and mental clarity.

What to do?
There are ways to eliminate heartburn and constipation and boost nutrient absorption,
appetite and energy at the same time. Taking bitter herbs with meals is one way to
support the stomach, but every case is different. Visit a naturopathic physician at Grain
Integrative Health today and make your stomach happy again.

This article was written  for us by naturopathic physician Dr Sandy Le, ND who practices at Grain Integrative Health, 4246 SE Belmont St, #5, Portland, OR 97215

Dave Nelson

Care of our aging parents is the focus of Dave Nelson. Dave is the owner and director of Griswold Home Care Registry in Portland, Oregon, an in-home care company. He faces questions every day from family members about their aging parents and how they can help them age gracefully.

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